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GS1 New Zealand (Auckland Office)
attn. Michiel Ruighaver
Level 3, 25 College Hill
Freemans Bay
New Zealand (NZ)

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GLN: 9429300016329

New Zealand Business Number Registry

Global Location Data Platform (GLDP)

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Do not deliver before 30 June 2023, 09:00 local time.
Obtain signature from recipient.

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Weight:   4.5 KGM (Kilogramme)
Length:   0.30 MTR (30 centimetres)
Width:     0.40 MTR (40 centimetres)
Depth:    0.50 MTR (50 centimetres)

Products included in your package

Product Code Description Quantity
95261000003455 Tablet Computer 1
95264000006785 Tablet Computer cover “Don’t touch me” 1

Tracking details for your Package/Item

Item in hands of first carrier Seller’s Warehouse Melbourne Australia; GLN: 9526678000124 25 June 2023, 15:45 (local time)
Item Melbourne International airport, Australia; GLN: 9527080003451 25 June 2023, 22:50 (local time)
Item arrived in destination country Auckland International airport, New Zealand; GLN: 9528108000896 26 June 2023, 4:05 (local time)