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About us

 FixLog is an independent consultancy in Supply Chain and Transport & Logistics specialized in facilitating collaboration enabled by global data standards and solutions based on global data standards (GDS).

 FixLog has been established by Jaco Voorspuij, a leading expert in the industry with over 30 years of experience in
Manufacturing, Warehousing, all modes of transport, Lead Logistics Provider. Jaco has also worked for some 15 years on developing and deploying standards and innovative solutions based on standards that have won international and global awards.

Our Mission

Reduce “waste” in Supply Chains and especially Transport & Logistics networks.

Many Supply Chains and T&L networks today are rife with non-value-add “waste-full” activities.
In many cases that is largely due to the lack of collaboration among stakeholder groups both within a single organisation and across multiple organisations.
Collaboration and synchronisation of the activities and processes wil help substantially reduce costs of the activities, speed them up, reduce errors, improve customer experience as well as significantly increase sustainability of operations.

What we Do

We help identify areas for business process improvement that may be achieved
by standardisation and digitalisation of these processes.
We specialise in improving alignment of activities across stakeholder groups using global data standards and solutions based on GDS to massively enhance the flow of (real-time) information among the stakeholders.

Working with you, FixLog can identifiy, devise, define and realise business process improvements across the entire Supply Chain and Transport & Logistics networks.

Our main services

Business Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

Project Management

Why FixLog Consulting

30+ years of experience in Supply Chains

7 years implementing ERP systems in many dozens of Manufacturing organisations

20 years in Transport & Logistics across all transport modes, Warehousing, LLP, Value-Added Services

15 years developing and deploying global data standards with GS1, UN/CEFACT, CEN, ISO, IMO, IHO, UPU and others

Thought leader and innovator involved in innovations winning international and global awards.

Recognised Transport & Logistics expert serving on
many European Commission funded T&L innovation projects, Digital Transport and Logistics Forum,
EC work groups

Independent, not “hung up” on any particular Information Technology

Proven delivery capability

Leverage strengths of the team members

Strong network across all stakeholder groups including Beneficial Cargo Owners, Sellers and Buyers of Goods, Logistic Service Providers, Solution Providers


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